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Our experts in Business Intelligence develop; implement analysis and reporting that provide businesses with the insight to stay on the road to success.

BI doesn’t just analyze data but also empowers business decisions & solution through systemic data

eComStreet will help you to:

Modernize your Business by Structuring & Standardizing Data Collection Models

The modern era of self-service analytics necessitates a reliable centralised version of the reality that is easily available to business users with varying needs and technological skills. At eComStreet, we harness the power of Business Intelligence. Business intelligence (BI) allows you to transform data into simplified insights which helps a company to create strategies and informed decisions. To provide users with comprehensive intelligence about the state of the market, BI tools access and evaluate data sets and present analytical results in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps.

Our successful BI consulting focuses first on the data and then on the analysis in the following manner:

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Build your Intelligent Data Ecosystem with eComStreet

To scale your company, your employees must generate data that leads to better business decisions rather than waste time collecting, reporting, and analysing routine data. Organizations that use eComStreet’s Business Intelligence benefit from improved monthly close processes for greater productivity and data integrity with one verifiable source of “truth”, enabling a data-driven culture for making informed decisions, faster and smooth ad-hoc analysis, showcase required business insights using advanced analytics capabilities, and advance employees’ existing Excel skills for decreasing cultural resistance.

Our strategies will assist you in moving from a reactive to a constructive approach to business transformation. The benefits of having a strategic BI approach are realized in multiple areas throughout the organization.

We Create Solutions that Transform Businesses: Our Capabilities

To scale your company, your employees


• Business intelligence strategy
• Appropriate metrics for the business
• Business process mapping associated with metrics
• Analysis of current state of data & gaps identification
• Analysis of current data sourcing systems & gaps identification


• Definition of key business rules
• Cleansing of databases and data lakes
• Creating of Actionable data and compiling data to make right decisions for the organization
• Deployment of a powerful, accurate & integrated semantic layer to
• Shield underlying data complexity


• Data visualization
• Quick & easy access to important and appropriate data
• Ability to check trends & patterns
• Meaningful insights and
information across the organization • Deliver insights
• Actionable information for key decision makers.
• Cross Functional reporting
Key metrics: Effectively analyze progress and make informed decisions across the organization

Evolve Systematically From Strategy to Execution

The Business Intelligence Assessment from eComStreet helps you identify your business needs and develop a plan and strategy for implementing a BI solution. It includes:

Our team will work with you to identify a business process and the right size for a pilot, create the necessary Power BI reports and dashboard, deploy the reports and dashboard to a Power BI site, demonstrate the solution so that end users can interact directly with Power BI for a hands-on experience, and discuss operations for production use.

We Create Solutions that Transform Businesses

eComStreet was founded with the idea of using technology to grow your business. Unlike many IT companies, we are business-minded first. We create practical, business-oriented solutions that help you achieve your objectives and expand your business.

We work with Accuracy

The accuracy of the data is one of the most important qualities of an efficient business intelligence and data analytics system. This entails not only ensuring that the statistics given are accurate, but also that all relevant data points are included.

Providing Integrated Services

For cross-platform applications, business intelligence does not need double-entry or data uploading/downloading. Our team makes sure that your BI platform is working smoothly so that you have access to your data whenever you require it.


We are very conscious of staying vendor agnostic, even though our vendors give us preferential pricing. Many BI service providers are swayed by our lack of alliances, distribution relationships, and other collaborations. All of our systems and vendor reviews are impartial and unbiased, allowing you to make the right decision for your business every time.

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Technology we use:

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